In the diverse landscape of modern metal, 5RAND emerges as a distinctive voice, weaving together raw energy and intricate melodies.
Our story begins with a unique twist of fate – a chance meeting with a shaman and a South African 5Rand coin, symbolizing the unexpected journeys that music can take us on.

At the heart of our sound is the fierce intensity of deathcore, enriched by the layered complexity of metalcore and the evocative depth of melodic death metal. Our music is more than a fusion of styles; it’s a journey into the heart of the human experience, exploring themes of philosophy, ethics, and contemporary issues with both sensitivity and power.

We invite you to delve into our world, where each song is a tapestry of emotions and ideas, crafted not just to be heard, but to resonate deeply. Join us as we navigate the ever-evolving realm of metal, committed to innovation, passion, and the relentless pursuit of creating music that speaks to the soul.


Dive into the video and be part of the magic that unfolds when 5RAND takes over the stage. Witness the chemistry and passion of this band on stage delivering a show that’s not just heard, but felt.

5RAND: Unleashing a Riveting Fusion of Intense Melodic Death Metal and Bold Deathcore Elements

With a robust and ever-growing fanbase, we’ve electrified stages across Europe, supporting iconic bands such as Dark Tranquillity, Immolation, Vader, Infected Rain, Butcher Babies, and Angelus Apatrida. Our dynamic performances have captivated audiences at major festivals like Hills of Rock, Zaiet Fest, and Gineta Rock, showcasing our ability to command large stages and connect with diverse crowds.
 Let us bring our high-energy performance and passionate fanbase to your venue or festival, and experience the unforgettable impact of 5RAND live